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Is now the perfect time to invest in vacation property?

Bahamas, beach on Caribbean side

For most people, there's no better investment than buying real estate.
Real estate provides a great vehicle for saving money and potential profit when it's sold.

The Bahamas Real Estate market has been very quiet for many years, but over the last few years home and property values have really started to appreciate.
Traditionally, most of the attention and business has gone to Nassau the capital city of the Bahamas.

Nassau however, had better watch out, because there's a new kid in town.
This "new kid" it turns out, isn't really that "new", it is, of course, the Out Islands of the Bahamas.
Savvy investors have known for years that these islands are "the place" to invest, and just recently prices have started to soar.
Reasons for the sudden interest in Bahamian Out Islands vary, for some it's the attraction of some of the best beaches in the world, lovely, quiet, unspoiled stretches of powder white and pink sands. Others seek out the near perfect sailing conditions, the Bahamas are, in fact, the World's capital for sailboaters.
A different reason for rising property prices on these islands is, of course, development. Not too many years ago you could take your pick of property around Georgetown in the Exumas for around $15000. Now, with the developments of February Point and Emerald Bay a price of around $1,500,000 is required to purchase a lot in this area, development, it seems is the major factor in rising property prices.
One of the latest "out island developments" is set to happen on Long Island, click here for up to date news on the Port St George development, this 80 mile long island is situated in the southern Bahamas. For years and years it has remained an unspoilt, quiet fishing/relaxing, out of the way destination.
This could soon change though, as a UK developer has recently submitted detailed plans to, not only, enlarge the existing marina, but also construct a named, championship 18 hole golf course. These plans allow for around 400 canal front home-sites, and are already totally "sold out".
At the moment, golf and lake side building lots are still available, however, these are selling at an alarming rate, if you are interested in getting in on at the "ground floor" of this project, you would be well advised to act quickly.
All indications are that Real Estate is the place to invest your money. If the future plans for these beautiful islands stay on track you can bet that this will be one of those points in history that people will look back and say those famous words of regret in Real Estate
Woulda!.... "I Woulda have bought that property if I knew it would be worth so much today".
Coulda!.... "I Coulda have bought that canal property for cheap".
Shoulda!.... "I told you we Shoulda have bought that building lot".

Now is the time to invest in Real Estate and take advantage of the rising prices which means strong return on investments and in fact better returns than banks, or the fickle stock market.
The Out Islands have everything going for them right now, and instead of just talk there are actual sales supporting some very strong appreciation numbers. On Long Island, particularly in the northern area of Stella Maris, could just be the thing you are looking for, a solid investment, with an unbelievable life-style, this particular Out Island really has everything.

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The key to making money in the property market is to buy property that is under market value, or at market value with the potential to increase. Do your home work, talk to realtors, keep a constant check on web sites and watch the prices. If you are purchasing land, have a long term strategy to hold property for several years. Many Property owners are already enjoying steadily growing wealth from increasing values. Real Estate is a good investment that is getting better so take the plunge and Go for it.

Port St George, Long Island.
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Dive capital of the Bahamas!

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